for sale on the farm


mini nubian dairy goats for sale


Goats are very enjoyable creatures to have on our farm.
All our goats are handled from birth and are very friendly. They are in pasture with horses and llamas and get along very well with all the assorted animals on the farm. The does are good milkers, and their size and friendliness makes them very easy to handle.

If you are interested in raising your own goats or would just like a pet who can also help mow the lawn and eat the high brush and weeds, these goats are perfect for the task. Prices vary by age and gender. Please call 570-799-5590,
or email me at for more information and availability.

Farm fresh eggs sold by the dozen. Our chickens are free range and also enjoy an organic feed and special poultry minerals. 
Peacock feathers for sale
llama fleece
Our rovings and spun yarn are blended with sheep wool and we also have unprocessed fleece available. We also have Angora rovings for sale. Please call us for pricing at 570-799-5590 or ask to see our products when you visit our B&B.
Peacock feathers for sale
peacock feathers
Large to Medium Size Feathers: $1.00 each, plus shipping
Small Size Feathers: 75 cents each, plus shipping